"Show me what you got" she panted, and threw her head back, resting it on the mirror. I parted her lips gently and began to dart my tongue around her...labia and clit. She moaned with pleasure as i nibbled, licked and kissed her. When I entered her with my tongue, she quivered. "Ooh, yes, that's it" she moaned as I reached up with my hand to play with her asshole. Just the tip of my little finger at first, but she pushed at me, so I went in a little further.Noisily and hungrily, I ate. Getting up a bit Megha licked my tool to wipe the sticking smear of my semen. We lay locked head to toe for a very long time. The detachment was unthinkable for both of us. Her right hand was playing with my testicles and I had rested my head on her bare left sleeve while my lips were savouring the hotness of her breasts. It is only then I learned that Megha was actually step mother of Maya and had married Mays’s father. Megha asked me to go to Maya’s room and check if she is still asleep and. Going back to normal life and wearing clothes for another week before the next session just seemed like such a drag.As Jennifer got closer to her car an idea began to formulate in her mind. She could delay the putting on of her clothes just a bit longer if she was brave enough to drive home to Cedarcrest still in the nude. She could get dressed then. That would give her another twenty minutes of naked freedom at least.Jennifer also knew about the many BSC girls who had become Absolutes – girls. I tried to think of something else to say, since it didn't seem like she was leaving, "I was just changing. You should knock!" No you weren't! I saw what you were doing!" She stated stubbornly."You better not tell mom and dad that you saw me doing this or else." I threatened, still hiding behind a bundle of bedsheets.Suddenly I look appeared in Laurie's eyes and I regretted threatening her. Laurie has always been a very vengeful person, and she HATES being threatened. She always seemed to be.

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