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I am gently laid down on the bed while you continue to kiss me with a hunger that cannot be satisfied. And before I realize what is happening you take...of my shirt, while stroking my nipples, and running your tongue along my neck, then down my body. I fight to gain control of my senses, but it seems as though all is lost, when you begin to move down my body towards the buttons on my pants. Everything’s going way to fast, I can’t slow it down, nor do I want it to slow down. I want more but am. I was right. The boys were there on time and Rajesh, another student, had come as well. I heard them all whispering and laughing. My Mom then came in and saw the three of them and smiled. She asked Akash if they had told Rajesh what they had learned yesterday. He said yes and also said that Rajesh was also eager to learn the same thing. They all laughed. My Mom was wearing a very thin and nearly see-thru salwar-kameez. Then she told them all to get ready. She took off her salwar first, so her. She was almost on the ground for a second when i realized she was so small and only about a hundred pounds that i could carry her out of the crowd. So i picked her up and hauled her ass out of there, then when we were almost out of the crowd i put her on my knee for a second to grasp her better and got her out of there, she was semi conscious but couldnt really walk. a security man asked if we needed a medic, i thought we did but she just said she needed some water, she just fainted so i. He told me to go without tee shirt. He said, only your husband is there in the living room, why do you have to cover your body in front of him just go like that.For the first time, I felt so embarrassed to go in front of my husband without tee shirt. When I went to the living room he was shocked to see me in this avatar. He asked me. What happened? I said, why did you do like this? He turned his face away from me. I felt hopeless. I took the cigarette pack from the table and came back. Stood.

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