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She whispered in my ears that she needs a wild sex today. I got aroused by hearing her words. I just tore her top she was in pink netted bra. She remo...ed my shirt and pant. I was in underwear and I too removed her pant and underwear in one goes. We hugged each other and kissing deeply. I was squeezing her breast, and fingering her wet pussy. She was moaning heavily. Aaaaaaahhhhhh mmmmmmmmm Raviiiiiii please lick my pussy. Please will do 69 position. I agreed and we were in 69 position. She. ” My heart was pounding! I was curious how she would reply. I was slightly afraid too. What if she gets upset and doesn’t talk to me. But her reply was assuring. “Haha! Do you have anyone in mind?”My next response was crucial. I was contemplating saying, “I’m talking to her.” But that was too direct. I decided to play around a little. I replied, “I have a list.” She was hooked now. “Waah. You have a list. But I should have expected it from a stud like you.”I was high now. My cock was oozing. ...andgiggling, lots of giggling....and I was out.I slowly started to regain consciousness some time later. Music wasplaying, and I felt a little hot and uncomfortable. I tried to lift myhand and could not as something was covering my arms, up to my neck. Ifinally heard my sister Cassie clearly say, "Open and at 'em Barbie-girl!" with ensuing giggles.Gradually, my senses began to return, and I saw Cassie, Trish and thehot-redhead smiling at me. I glanced at the clock, which said 10:00. I watched as my white jizz shot out of my cock, landing squarely over her mouth and nose, running down her chin, and then the rest of it as I shot over her ample tits, covering her chest and tits with my cum, until it ran down the valley between her tits. Liz continued slowly stroking my cock as my orgasm ended, milking the last drops of cum out of it, and she leaned forward and deftly licked the drops of cum oozing out of my cock, gazing up lovingly at me each time she did so. “Mmmm, that.

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