The rest is a tip. That was truly the best massage in the world. At least as far as I’ve had massages.’ She beams up at him, satisfaction her mien, in the way she stands tall and basks in his praise as she reaches for the currency he is holding out to her. Matthew smiles back at Suzy, a predatory gleam in his eye as he catches her hand before she can take the money he proffers. ‘Can I see you tonight? No massage, just dinner and a walk on the beach.’ She may shy away, Matthew. Doing as she asked, I sat on the counter and spread my legs, exposing my pussy to her. Liu learned over the counter, watched, cold beer in hand, and wide grin on his face. He pointed to my pussy and said, “One hundred and twenty five people are going to see that tomorrow.” “I can’t wait to show them,” I replied. “I can’t wait to see the look on your dad’s face,” he whispered. I could tell he was looking forward to that moment. Liu fondled my breasts as I felt Melinda’s hot tongue on my pussy. A puckish looking girl in a hoody with a cute pixie cut said to the boyshe was playing, "Remember if you lose this next game you have to take mysissy bitch brother on a date; dinner, chick flick movie, flowers theworks!" It isn't over yet, who would have known a girl was so good at JohnMadden? I thought this bet was a cinch."They looked in on rooms where sissies were being taught all manner ofsubjects girly and profane. Flirting, male appreciation, comportment,baking, blow job technique, anal. ‘Let’s do it then’ I say. She slides one leg over me as we lay on our sides and moves her shorts and panties to the side guiding my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy. As soon as I feel her wet pussy lips swallow my cock I start to thrust gently. ‘Ohhhh yesss! That’s soo good!’ She moans quietly as I continue to slide in and out as she rotates her hips in a nice rhythm, ‘Let me take my pants off so I can ride you!’ she says suddenly, and with no objections from me, rolls onto her back.

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