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‘Looks like you get an extra prize,’ he said. ‘Thank you,’ Albert said, tucking the money into his pocket. ‘Don’t thank me, it’s your mo...ey.’ Feeling a bit more relaxed that the man would treat them fairly, Albert began wandering around the shop, joining Marianne as she looked over some sterling silver inside the glass sales counter. Cuddling up next to him, she said, ‘Look at the silver… there was a time I actually owned a silver set. It wasn’t as nice as any of this, but it was mine.’ ‘I only. ’ He held her close as they glided in slow circles. ‘What took you so long?’ she asked. ‘I was afraid something happened.’ Lifting the patch, he said, ‘I’ve had my eye on you. Made sure you weren’t followed,’ and then bent to whisper, ‘You certainly draw men’s attention.’ With crimson lips brushing his neck, she answered, ‘I only want yours.’ They drifted through a string of ballads — dancing with him always an uncomplicated pleasure. His teasing fingers made designs on her back. ‘Mmm,’ She. Martha touched the tip of one of Milly’s breasts and the lawyer shuddered with pleasure. She reciprocated by moving her hand to one of Martha’s nipples and pulling on it. The bud of flesh swelled between her fingers and she heard her lover’s soft gasp of elation. Martha shifted on the bed so her head was at Milly’s groin and her vagina was in front of her lover’s face, the classic ’69’position. She began caressing her partner’s legs, urging them apart. Then her soft hands began stroking the. It was a glorious Spring day, clear, sunny, and HOT, the perfect climate for steamy and passionate play. Lisette reveled in the sensuous nature of the hotel lobby as Phillip checked in. The Shore Club was the hottest, most exclusive hotel in on the beach and only the high rollers played there. Phillip, ever the worldly statesman, had the Penthouse suite reserved for their vacation. It was a 6,000 square foot, triplex suite with a private elevator accessing all three floors, two spiral.

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