"what did you mean they are my fans?" he pulls out his phone and plays the video of me twerking naked on his lap. I felt no shame, i felt proud, I loo...ed hella good.i smile and then a giggle comes out without my control. "there's my little slut" he hugs me and grabs me by the waste, lifts me up over his shoulder and smacks my ass. he walks out carryin me and the men are standing in the middle of the room he sets me down and the swarm me right nervous and smiling. i geot incredibly horny. Watching them fuck makes me realize that I find it pleasant and exciting to see him pounding another woman before my eyes.As I drip with excitement, Tom approaches me, he lifts me up and pushes me against the wall to fuck me savagely while Olivia masturbates.The position is not easy for Tom, he eventually rests me on the ground and beckons Jules to come and give me the coup de grace. Olivia and Mia suck Tom while Jules puts me on my side. His cock alternates between my vagina and my tight ass.. She unbuttoned her silk blouse, exposing her small breasts. As he was peeing, she teased him with her nakedness, brushing her large, hardened nipples against his bare arm. After he shook the urine from his semi-hard penis, she sat back down on the toilet seat, and took him into her mouth.She flushed with excitement as she felt his cock grow larger and harder in her mouth as she sucked him. It had been a long time since she had been with a man of his size, and she had almost forgotten just how. “Seeing those drug users laid out like that, it makes sense how the wraith could gain so much power so quickly. Poor sods didn’t have a chance against that monster, being as they are,” Emalia continued.“Why would the wraith go after fully grown, adult druggies? Why wouldn’t it go after children? Aren’t they easier prey?” Luke asked.“You would think so, but for parasites like a wraith, the rules are different. Children, while they appear weaker, have a zeal and zest for life that is not easily.

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