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" So what did you say?" I said no. Just the massage, please."The Driver took his sunglasses off. James cringed. "Do you mean to tell me," the Driver, speaking slowly and distinctly, "that you went to a Chinatown massage parlor just because you actually wanted a massage?"Helpless, James shrugged. "...yeah."For a second he thought the Driver was going to be angry for some reason. Then the Driver burst into hyena-like peals of laughter instead. James wanted to crawl away and never be seen. * * * Monica Barnes had hoped to go full-blown slut that weekend. She’d done her blonde hair and put on her make-up with care. She had worn sexy, lacy black panties under her tiny black cocktail dress for her date Friday night. Monica had all kinds of plans for when and how to let her date take them off, and what she would do with him before and after. Mostly after. She had two days before Casey got back home, and knew she would need the release. Once upon a time, Monica was reluctant to. ‘Sharyll? Is that really you? Jesus Christ, you look good,’ he said as he stepped forward to hug me. I returned the embrace, trying hard not to be reluctant to let go. ‘Yep, its me,’ I said, ‘and I brought you some business as a present…I just got through driving Little Black there all the way from Seattle, and I know she’s in dire need of an oil change and a tune-up. Mom should be here in a minute or two to pick me up, I know its late, and I figure it’ll be tomorrow before you can have her. We broke off the kiss as she was grasping my stiff member through my pants."How about another one?" I asked. "Really?" She asked incredulously."Sure, I have another one on my computer that I think you'll like. It's a bit like the last one but it has more creativity and twists and turns. It's called the Story of O. It's very erotic and includes some girl/girl scenes as well. You can see if that is something you might like." Okay," she said. "You sure you don't want to just make our own moment.

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