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"It was then that she felt two large hands come to rest on her bent knees. They startled her for a moment and then she smiled as the large hands drift...d down her bent thighs toward her dripping sex. She held her breath as they neared the junction of her thighs.She gasped loudly when she felt her entire sex molded between the hands. She felt her folds being pushed wide apart by a single finger and her stunned mind began sawing her wet, swollen folds up and down the thick finger. The thick digit. ”“Yeah ... just let me serve as a cautionary tale, okay?”Reverend Elmo Barr“Yessir, Padre ... he’s gone.”“Same as the others?”“Yessir. Didn’t pack nothing, it’s all in his room right where he left it.”“‘Anything’ ... he didn’t pack ‘anything’.”“Didn’t pack anything, yessir, Padre.”“Good job, Ignacio. Go tell Winnie I said you could have a treat before supper.”“Yessir!”As the boy walked quickly down the hall toward the kitchen, Rev. Barr walked to the front window of the chapel.“How many people. ." as I began to move up and down on him holding his face tightly between my breasts. I started to ride him hard and rough, my voice snarling loudly with illicit passion as I felt the upper shaft of his penis rub on my clit. I rocked back and forth pushing myself down harder upon him. Soon, the rough rubbing of his penis on my clit began to trigger a spasm deep within my cervix... I began to feel my orgasm coming...that pee like sensation which makes my whole body shiver in weakness starting. ” “Not really a lesbian, not really anything. I am just trained to have sex in every way possible. Intercourse, blowjobs, anal, fisting, lesbian, whatever is required of me.” “How do you mean, trained?” “My parents are very traditional, and they believe in keeping the old Japanese culture alive. After I left University, they sent me to a Geisha school to learn how to please men, and then they had me tattooed just like them. It is a great honour.” “You mean that your parents are tattooed as.

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