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Roberts classroom after class, you'll be between my legs, and I'll be screaming. You have the will to get it done, so I know you'll find your way, and...I swear, I'll be with you the whole way. You aren't getting rid of me, not for this or anything else." Do you swear, because the thought has crossed my mind that you might want to find someone else that can please you properly," I fretted, grabbing her arms tightly."No, I just need my best friend," she stated before a pause where we just looked. I was about to ask if she was ok, when I noticed tears running down her face and her eyeliner was running. Barb smiled as said something unexpected...."do it again! Fuck my mouth!" I saw the crazed excitement in her brown eyes. I straddled he head as she took my cock in her hand. I watched my tip, then my shaft and up to my balls pressing down on her nose. She gagged and coughed as I pulled out. Then back in again, burying my rod down into her throat. Never had anyone been so willing to do. He does as Michelle tells him she slips the 50 in his pocket of his jacket with out touching him to long.To make sure he doesn’t try to get back on I shove him away as the doors clothes .Finally now we can get down to business .I sit down on the triple seats next to the door in the middle seat.Michelle takes off her long rain coat to reveal her sexy blue teddy. she tosses it on the seat next to me and gets on her knees pulls out my semi hard cock and starts sucking me off i reach down and pull. I decided to go and cheer on the runners anyway.My girlfriend was a runner: her club, the Colonial Road Runners, manned the water stop every year, and I got “volunteered” to help, finding that I actually enjoyed it. The relationship didn’t last; it seemed that it wasn’t just the long runs that caused her to come home hot and sweaty, but my interest in running did. A few years previously, I decided to give it a try. It took just a few days jogging in my everyday sneakers to get me to invest in.

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