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I though to myself 'That went well.' Then I heard Dave say, "Let's start by pulling up this old flooring.We had just finished removing the old floorin... and Dave had gone out to the garage to get his shop vac to clean the floor when Sue appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a pretty sundress that came to about mid thigh. She asked where Dave was and I told her he just went to the garage. Then Sue asked, "How do you like my new dress?" As she spoke she twirled around causing the hem. I didn't have to wait long, your hands smoothly ran up Ian's legs then moved to cup his heavy balls and grasp the thick shaft of his cock; it made your hand seem so small. Ian groaned, 'you will have to get me hard' he grunted but his cock was already beginning to swell the large head slowly curving up-ward. 'God it's so big already' you replied huskily, 'maybe this will help?' Your tongue snaked out and licked the swelling head just underneath the glands. 'Ooooooh' Ian groaned then gasped! You. Yes…Im sorry I did not tell you…I thought you would leave me if you thought I didnt have experience…She said shamefully.No! Babe, this is a great thing! Im glad! Now I know why you never wanted to have sex… She smiled. I could tell she did not want to talk about it anymore. I slithered down to her dripping wet pussy and spread her legs. She put them on top of my shoulders and forced my head right into her soaked snatch. I immediately was greeted with the sweet taste of young pussy. I licked up. Nenu ” neeku problem lekhapothe naa room lo vundochu” ani message chesa so thanu ventane ok I dont have any problem ani message chesindhi kani vachi thanani pickup chesukomandhi so nenu ok 20 minutes lo vasthanu ani cheppa thanu ammerpet lo vunna ani cheppindhi nenu ok ani naa bike meedha velli thanani pick chesukoni naa secunderabad lo naa room ki teesukella akkada room loki teesukelli akkada okka room choopincha andhulo thanani vundamani cheppa thanu thank u cheppi lopaliki vellindhi nenu.

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