Hey Mike I love when you touch my hair, could you pull it a little, I like that feeling when my hair is pulled a little gently" I said sure and Danny ...ent back down on my rock hard cock. I felt a little precum leak and I told Danny he had to stop. He did not listen nor care,He stroked my thighs hard and continued to suck, I warned him I was going to immediately cum and it did not phase him one bit. I unloaded in his mouth while still pulling his hair. Once the first blast flew, he hesitated for. .. Niskera is very happy to be connected to you right now.”“I thought she already was?” he asked with a frown. “Didn’t you tell me that she’d been acting like I’m some kind of newly ascended deity?”“Yes ... a deity that just reached out to give her his personal blessing,” Alyssa explained with a meaningful look. “She’s absolutely ecstatic now.”“I suspect she’s not the only one,” Irillith noted, her violet eyes twinkling. “If you ever change your mind about having a legion of children, there. I felt various hands sliding along my arms and my sides, and at one point I had my back pressed hard up against someone, when their hands came up under my top and quickly squeezed both of my breasts. Before I could react, the hands slid back down to my belly, then off to my sides, and the person left. I had no idea whether the hands had been male or female.I danced for a few more minutes, alternating with more glasses of wine, and ultimately needed to go to the washroom. As I picked my way. Powder. Eye shadow. Liner. Blush. Powder. Lipstick. Smoochin the mirror. How do I look, honey? Thongs, black for tonight, feel sosexy slipping over my hips and up my smooth crack. Reaching down thefront, I tuck my hairless balls up tight and pull my sissy clit backout of sight until the tip tickles my rosebud. It gives me such agirlish look and feel; I can't help but squeeze my thighs together.Black bra. 38C breast forms. I love how they adhere and weigh on mychest so lusciously full they make.

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