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She was looking me in a very different way and in the garden she texted me ” YOU ARE LOOKING VERY DASHING AND HANDSOME, I WANT TO LOVE YOU TONIGHT�... the moment I saw this sms, my heartbeats were uncontrollable. I replied, how? she replied, lets go home there is no one and nobody is gonna back, its 9 PM only. the guests will leave not before 12. I also thought that this is really a great opportunity. I’d gone to my mama and asked his Car’s key. I texted her to come in parking and give me a call,. He walked me to the bed and gently placed me on it between Ilke’s open thighs, then indicated that I should shuffle up the bed on my back. As Ilke felt my hair touch her inner thighs she once again stretched her legs wide and lifted her bottom off the bed and stretched her bonds to allow her to adopt a kneeling position. Seeing that I was now in position beneath Ilke’s pussy Carl said, “Open your legs wide Ilke and lower yourself onto Anna’s mouth.” She complied immediately lowering herself. We both got in and then we started driving in the direction of a nearby dam. As Cassi and I spoke she place her hand on my lap and rubbed my hard cock up and down. On the way I stop at a garage to buy condoms, and when getting out the car I tried hiding my hardon away from everyone. I managed and soon I was back in the car with a pack of condoms and proceeded to the dam. Once we were on the quiet road leading to the dam Cassi undid the button to her jeans and unzipped them. She put her hand. Joslyn was a real tiger in bed and loved having sex sometimes making me think that she was somewhat of a nympho However she was faithful, loving and a very good wife and mother.This particular summer a group of young college boys, eight of them, from a predominately negro university close by rented the house next to us. They seemed nice enough and didn?t bother us although they played that rap music at night sometime kind of loud. They would dress in those loose knee length swim trunks, play.

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