"Ok Bailey we do not have a lot of time so we need to get you ready.I just want you to know how much I appreciate you doing this for me baby.Now I am ...oing to need to do something real quick that you probably willnot like but it is for the best. We cannot afford anyone noticinganything odd and only see a teenage girl today so we need to hide yourmost obvious male sign. I am going to tuck you away so you lookconvincing and we can better protect your secret okay?" said Amanda.Bailey wanted to. The teifling had a very expressive face when she wasn’t hiding something, which was frequent. The look told Qiao, that she had already had enough of the bard’s cheerful crap. This was war, and with how Malark was behaving, one would be forgiven for thinking he was using it as an opportunity to write a new ballad.Qiao said a salient prayer to Lathander as she saw General Grodan approaching. “Himo,” she said to the wood elf who sat cross-legged among the group of soldiers, sword for hires and. It was so degrading, she felt so submissive to be fucked in the ass by a Black man. She realized that it was the best possible way that a white slut like her could pay her reparations to the Black race for slavery and white racism.When Dazhawn awoke, they showered together! Latoya had never showered with a guy and this was the sexiest guy she had ever met. It was so exciting to soap up and wash his body while he did the same for her. She almost came in the shower.Dazhawn enjoyed showering with. "I got off the horse and presented the man with eight silver pennies and a piece of paper with the contract on it. I used a fountain pen to fill in the blanks. "Sign here and our contract will be official." We do not sign contracts. Our word is law." The law is written in books for all to see. Is there something wrong with this agreement?"The Church wanted those in authority to read and write so that instructions as well as religious texts could be read to the illiterate mob. The man read the.

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