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As the time was passing on we both were getting more indulged into each other. I took the car to the Mysore road side and it was pitch dark all around...! Suddenly she leaned on me and rested her head on my shoulders. It felt nice.Shi- You know Adi, I have been longing for such company for long. Never thought we shal meet in this manner.Me- It’s a pleasant surprise for me too..Me too very lonely in this city. Glad I found you.Shi- do I find out that you are romantic or not ?? (sexy. It was a great time and he was thoroughly enjoying himself.But life has a way of throwing a curve ball at your plans and Tommy was about to be served one of his very own.It happened on a beautiful, warm summer day – the kind of day when trouble and tragedy seem a million miles away. Tommy had just dropped his mother off at work at the hospital for her shift and was headed to the mall to do a little shopping. He was stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to change to green before proceeding.. He immediately sat down, put the oars out and started rowing towards the discarded and floating cover. He grumbled under his breath, no longer caring about upsetting the captain's daughter.He heard Jessica talking down to him as if explaining that the cover was simply useless and they only needed one of the covers to provide shade during the daylight hours. When he reached the floating cover, the young girl stood up and reached for it."Stop it right now," Jessica commanded. "We don't need to be. We could have sacrificed one of our two blankets for this but we suspected we would be very cold in a few days and might want them both wrapped whole around us instead. We suspected correctly; it was five very chilly days later before the storm broke.With nothing else to occupy our time, we told more 'war stories' together with little bits of our previous home lives, which seemed as if they had happened in ancient history to us. We tried lovemaking a few times ... alright, daily and often. The.

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