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He seemed very interesting and possibly quite kinky so I was not prepared to give him an immediate yes reply. The next message was very surprising and...I was quite shocked but very turned on by it."Here is a dare for you, my gorgeous sweet slutty whore. This is what I would like you to do. Wait until your period is at its heaviest then call me over !!!!! You should be dressed in a cut-out bra with a tight white sweater, crotchless panties, suspender belt and black stockings, a short swirling. "If the truth was known, they're probably virgins, too. Most guys are legends in their own minds."We sat there, me holding her, and she snuggling into me, watching TV. I got a whiff of myself. "Whew!" I told her. "I need a shower. You OK while I'm gone?" Yeah, I'm good now."I went in and took a long, hot shower, sending most of the infield down the drain. I got out, put on a pair of jogging shorts, and went back to check on Connie; she was still sitting on the couch, holding the ice pack. I sat. It came to a head about eighty years before Dawson'sBunch arrived, when a rare period of peace allowed the realization thatthere just were not enough women to go around.Instead of leading to a cultural change, a much more logical approach,the thoughts and prejudices were reinforced. Women did become moreprecious, but as a commodity not as individuals. They were rounded upby their clans and locked away in enclaves. There they birthed heirs towealthy families and daughters to follow in their. “Yes…” Chrisanne moaned and dropped back into the blankets. “You’re so fucking perfect.” She gasped again. “So perfect…”She fucked Chrisanne deep and slow with three fingers until the muscles of her arm burned with the effort and sweat dripped down her face, down her spine. God, she loved this. She loved how Chrisanne’s face twisted, her look becoming desperate with each thrust of Iris’ fingers and every flick of her tongue on her clit.Even with her mouth full and her hands occupied, Iris kept.

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