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So I now had one hand to pump with and the other one for her. I started to work my slippery fingers in and around her pussy, coating them with her s...imy cunt juices. She can quite easily take my 4 fingers so I slid them all the way in so my thumb could grind away on clit as well as my tongue. I kept pushing and twisting my hand away on her as she kept moaning for more! Her pussy was pulsing in what seemed like an endless orgasm so I slowed down and started to tuck my thumb into her as. ’ ‘Stop being so polite. I wish to hate you.’ ‘You have great tits.’ Aunt Penny didn’t have the arm and length strength of her niece, who worked cattle and horses, but she was heavier and as Melissa went to charge her tormentor Penny snaked her arms under the aforementioned tits and pinned Melissa against her, turned and frog marched her to the table. ‘Now you two, you’re in my house and I want you to both behave and to stop antagonizing one another.’ ‘Hogan’s only attempting to tame her,’ the. She wrapped her legs around my waist and began pulling her cunt up at my dick. She made my dick enter even deeper inside of her cunt. I continued thrusting my dick in and out of her sweet pussy, the sensation was unexplainable. I started fucking mom with my full strength and stamina.She was hugging me so tightly and moaning slowly aaaaauu uuu yeess aaaahhhh aaaahhhuu. I pumped her for 10-15 minutes with full speed. I increased my speed and filled her vagina with my thick and warm semen. I. I striped off her white petticoat and white panty at one go, unhooked her red blouse and red bra. She looked divine with all the light beaming of her naked skin.Now we were both naked in that little cellar. I started licking her neck and her shoulder, my hands caressing, squeezing and rubbing her boobs. She let out mute squeaks, oohs and umms. Then I licked her boobs slowly, kissed her baby pink nipples, which were hard now. I kept nibbling her nipples softly as I slid my finger in her pussy..

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