She was smart and gorgeous and I fantasized about her all the time. She was about 5 foot 6 with black hair, 34 C’s and long legs. I looked forward t... her class every day to see what skimpy outfits she would wear. She knew how hot she was and she flaunted it. On Halloween, she came to class dressed up as a witch and I almost lost it. Our celebration last week ended at a place called The Spot, not a very clever name but also not giving away the goings-on inside. The Spot was two towns over from. Her bedroll was already tied up, ready to be tied to her saddle. Klocia was beside her, the two obviously in the middle of some conversation. Both were sort of smirking at him. Why... ?A groan came from his right. Ah. He knew that groan. With greater effort, he formed himself up into a sitting position, hands moving to grab the feminine arm thrown over his chest. He placed it beside the sleeping form of Ruta. This was not the first time he had found her beside him, despite her having bedded. I turned to face her, my cock still held firmly in my hand and I saw a smile forming on her lips. I saw that she couldn't take her eyes away from my cock and I let it slip from my hand and stand up, big and proud for her to see. This time she made no motion to leave. “I … I've never seen one so big” She finally said in a sweet, shy voice. I smiled back at her and motioned for her to come closer for a better look. I turned off the water from the shower so not to get her uniform wet and stood. Like something that bored doctor's wives did whenthey got tired of playing tennis." Ouch." Seriously, that was cold."It's not that. If I thought she really tried, I'd respect it. But Ialways felt like it was a part-time thing and she didn't really try forher clients." He crossed and uncrossed his arms."Does that mean a lot to you?" I don't know why I needed to hear allof this, but every question made me think of five more."Yeah. These people trusted her and she'd rather be on vacation. .

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