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One night I saw her desperately trying to study hard and stay late pouring water on her face whenever she falls asleep. However, my luck was stronger ...nd she fell on her blanket. It was 2am when she was fully in deep sleep. That time I tried to insert my dick inside her pussy but it was not going in. I tried to fuck her ass and the same problem. I used saliva to wet my dick and her ass fully moist. And tried insert inside her ass, the tip of my cock went in but I feared to put in full, but. I could practically hear a pop as the mans huge cock opened my wife’s cunt, I saw with excitement the cock head disappear inside my wife’s body. Neeta was looking down between her legs, looking where they were joined; she had a strange look on her face, a very dirty grin. She slid her hands onto Sunil’s bottom and lifted her right leg, hooking it on his hip. This made her open a bit more and as Sunil pushed, more of his cock slid into her. She was kissing him again, he started to fuck into her,. “Come in.”“Thanks,” Betsy said.“Where have you been?”“I spent a little time with my boyfriend,” Betsy answered.“You need to take your studies a little more seriously than that,” he said.“I’m not really behind. I worked all night Sunday night, all day Monday, and most of Monday night,” Betsy said.“I didn’t realize that,” Professor Parrish said.“I guess I should have let you know,” Betsy said.Professor Parrish said, “Please do that next time.”Betsy looked down at the floor studying the carpet for. I felt like I was all alone in that room, all that jerking off and I lay there with no erection. I had pulled my shorts down trying to get hard but to no avail. Then the boy next to me shuffled across the floor and I felt his hand slide under my blanket and cup my cock and balls. “did you finish?” he asked.I didn’t move and then his hand did and within a half a minute I was hard. I loved the feeling of a hand that was not mine there and I tried to image the hairy man doing it. “Is it okay if I.

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