"I gave one of her cheeks a squeeze and the other one a kiss and a lick, "Damn, that is a sexy hot ass, that no one has over you." Why thank you" as she put the last of the clothes in the washer.Sarua closed the lid on the washer, turned, and kissed me, with a arm around me and gave one of my ass cheeks a squeeze."Let me get us something cold to drink, then meet me in the living room, cause I have some things to talk to you about, now that you are my husband slash son."As I followed. About lunch time on Sunday, he rang his CEO Ralph and told him the nitty gritty, and asked if he could be transferred to a branch in another state as he had suffered humiliation and mental pain over the issue and felt he could not live where he had the remotest chance of running into his lying bisexual lesbian adulterous soon to be ex-wife.Ralph arranged to meet Early first thing next morning at the motel to discuss Early's request. They chose to meet at the motel as they both were confidant. “I uh... no, I just wanted to see if you were okay. I uh... better get back,” he stammered and disappeared into the trees. “He’s such a perv,” Jenn giggled. “I like Charlie, I think he’s sweet,” Riley smiled. “So he’s a sweet perv. You know he’s always hiding in those trees, watching us,” Jenn replied. Riley gestured, raising her arms and presenting her succulent nude body, “Do you blame him?” she laughed. “Not at all,” Jenn answered, sliding her arms around Riley’s waist and groping her firm. She finally opens the door wearing the shiny black velvet top, which is barely covering her thighs.My eyes naturally staring at her huge exposed cleavage. Wow, she’s more than ready!Me: You’re a vision, sis!Liza: Why thank you! You don’t look too bad yourself, mister.Me: I’m sure Mum won’t mind if we borrow the car.Liza: Not at all, Mom is at work, and she uses a company car.Me: Let’s go then!A short drive later, we enter the restaurant and are quickly seated.Liza: This looks nice!After.

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