Soon, I could feel his ass muscles tighten and move, I could feel his thrusts, feel them fucking, committing incest in my marital bed. He knew I was a...ake; and still, he continued unabated.I rolled all the way over and pressed my front to his back. He ignored my presence, the bastard. I rested my hand on his hip and dug my nails where I gripped. He removed my hand with a stronger grip, never breaking his rhythm. He thrust it away, overt rejection.This hurt me deeply. I returned my hand, gently,. With his fat cock in my mouth and an even fatter bottle in my pussy, he began to talk dirty while I masturbated my clit, "Rub it you dirty whore. You are taking that bottle and sucking my dick like such a fuckin slut. You are going to have the biggest pussy in town. I couldn't even feel you when I was fucking it. That pussy was so fucking huge, I had to jerk off just to get some pleasure!"With a mouth full of cock, I began orgasming and choking on his meat trying to moan. I was seizing in. Seem camera number 5 thru 8 and number 13 thru 16 are giving a fuzzy image and I don’t know whyChecking the closest cameras I find a layer of dust covering the small lens, brushing it off using a microfiber cloth, checking the tablet’s picture finding it clear when I hear the chime go off. Placing the tablet on the bench in the change room, I come out to be greeted by a petite blond of about the five foot mark with blonde hair and the deepest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.“Hello!” God just the one. Come on, Leon, she continued, undeterred, Can you hear that outside? Look, I know, but&hellip,, Suddenly, there was a huge clap of thunder, that seemed to go straight over the house, shaking the ceiling, and rattling the windows and pictures on the wall. In a flash, Sonya dived under the covers, next to me. I gave up, lying there on my left side, and I said, Okay, but stay over on your side, and just for a laugh, I added, and no snoring. You ought to talk, she smiled, Some nights I can hear.

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