Poppink."She paused for a moment and said, "Did you help mebecause you're an orphan?"Tavi seemed somewhat surprised but he replied, "Wellthat is sort ...f the reason. I am orphaned, but it'snot like I want you, or don't want you, to adopt me.It's just... you had a problem that you couldn'tsolve and so did I, I have a saying, 'People who fallon hard times should stick together.'" Who said that?" Mrs. Poppink asked.Tavi smiled and replied "I guess I did."Tavi pulled out a picture of a man and a. In between, I used to meet Saleema, but she used to act as if nothing happened between us. After two-three weeks, I got a call from her. Asking me to come to her place, as she has some work to me. I went there, it was around 9 in morning, she would be alone at that time. I rang the bell she open the door, she was in pink saree that, she had just had her bath, her hair was tired in the towel. She welcomed me and told to sit in the hall. After a few min, she came with coffee. And offered me. " I called her back and got a message, no name, just the number. Ileft a message from Jane with my new number.Five minutes later she called me back. We made a "date". She lived inScarsdale which was close but just far enough away. I tried to for the mostpart only do north and west Westchester because I didn't want toaccidentally run into one of my clients in Stop& Shop.As I said, most of my clientele were around my age and in the samesituation. She was about 35 with large boobs and long dark. Some students wanted to pretend that they were still children, but most were worrying about upcoming midterms and tests. Most of the student body had seen or heard about the fight at lunch, and I found that many students came up to me to offer thanks that one of the campus bullies had been brought downI was mostly ignoring this. Instead my thoughts were on lunch and my plans to surprise Wendy for her birthday. I had managed to send messages to the rest of the gang, but was unsure if they had.

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