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She came and i took her in the blanket saying that its cold outside then i told her that i will now kiss you and tell me how it was i started kissing soft lips and insertes my tounge into her mouth and started touching her toung. I kissed her for about 5 min and she said that she was feeling something different in her body .she was just wearing a gown with nothing inside ,seeing this i changed my mind and decided to move on further. I then told her that if she wants i can teach her. For several minutes which seemed like hours there was no sound. Finally i called out,"Who's there?" Its me Mary(my s*s) Dont pull the curtain" I stopped the shower and waited. I figured she was using the bathroom. "Remember a few years ago, when we played with each other?" she asked. I told her i had and suddenly my cock started to get hard thinking about that day. "Well i have been thinking about your penis" she sais,"And i wanted to see how bigger it has gotten." Is it cool if I see it?". When i saw here first time i thought what a lucky he was man was to get her on bed. As i mostly studied in home so she comes to my house mostly for some things and some help. My mom and bhabhi became good friend. I also like her company because. I love to her beauty daily. One day she notices me that i watching here boobs but she didn’t say anything and go back to her home.I made good friendship with his hubby and we usually talk for hours daily. One day bhabhi call me and say is u free Rahul.I. We’re waiting for you downstairs for breakfast.” “Yeah, let me get dressed and I’ll be right there.” “About that bet we had last night-” “What about it?” “-I want my prize now.” “And what do you want exactly?” she asked as she smiled. “I want to watch you as you dress up,” I said while winking at her. “Wh-What?” She blushed. I stepped in the room and closed the door behind me. “You heard me.” “What the fuck? Lisa’s downstairs.” “So? She’s not going to find out. Come on.” “Ugh, fine.” She let.

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