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Main ek educated modern style ladka hun aur last 6 saal se Delhi mei Interior Designing project based kaam karta hun. Meri wife ek homemaker hai aur k...afi polite aur understanding hai. Humari tuning kaafi achi hai aur Ritu mujhe har jagah support karti hai.In fact pehle 2 saalon mei toh main raat ko late ghar aata tha aur early morning nikal jata tha, lekin ritu ne kabhi koi complaint nahi ki. Ab ritu ne bhi acha circle bana liya hai aas paas ke logon ke sath aur Delhi mei humein ghar jaissa hi. What do you think?”“Why?”“I don’t…”Before she can finish I step forward quickly, take a ball of her hair in my fist, and turn her head to face me. I graze her loose lips with the head of my hard cock. She opens her mouth a little more and before her tongue makes contact, I step away again. She makes a little sound of frustration.“Keep your hands on the keyboard. Think about what just happened and write about it.”“I can’t…”“Do it.” I turn and walk from the room. I know her mind is full of doubt,. I whirl around on them. My skirt flares up a little bit. My bikinibottoms go on display a bit more."Where's my stuff, Dev?" I demand of him."I have to do this!" Abby proclaims as she reaches past me.I'm still facing Dev as she manhandles my hair."I was sure it was here," he muses.I want to punch him. I swat at Abby."Stop that!" I tell her."Now where did it go?" he teases me with some pondering.Abby goes back to tugging on my hair."Help me out, Dev," I ask. "Look at what you did to me!" We did?". I squeezed his face between my boobs. He started licking and sucking me.Then Tejpal signed by his finger to come to him. I danced near him giving him a lap dance while his face was touching my back, legs, and tummy. He made me sit on a lap, his dick fully erect. I danced more, and he started licking my breast area. Then I turned, and my ass was on his side.I was still dancing. He started licking and biting my butt cheeks. I released moans. Then I moved towards Shashi. He grabbed me and started.

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