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Like she often did, when she was bored, she was fantasizing about being touched for the first time. She felt a wetness in her nether reagents, but tho...ght nothing of it. She often got wet down there when she fantasized. When she stood up however, there was a trace of blood on the seat. She saw the blood and screamed as she fell to the floor. She didn’t pass out or anything, but she did cry at the thought that her pants would be ruined. The teacher came running over to see what was wrong.The. "I moved to the side as the crowd quickly moved forward to follow one of the constables and Kensa pulled the girl towards me. The constable looked at me and I growled, "Do you fight?"She grinned, "You are damn right we are going to fight."I nodded, "We will join you."She looked at Kensa and the girl. Her eyes widened, "You have a Dark female!"I looked at the girl, "I was fighting to get free. She took the weapon from one of the dead and started killing the soldiers around her. She is ... is my. To my surprise they were so girlish. So feminine. Between gasps little mews of Terms of endearments and pleasure. Watching this masculine man toying with this body clad in all virgin white was amazing.He pushed up the bottom of my baby doll, exposing my panties and garters. He made no attempt at anything but licking along the elastic of my panties and garter belt straps. Softly, slowly, as if he truly knew what it was doing to me to feel and watch him. I lifted my head and watched as his. " None?" None. Vanished. Vamoosed."I crumple to the steps and cover my mouth with my palm, a tear sprouting from the corner of my eye and trickling alongside my nose. I sniff. Can't even speak.Her tone wavers. "Hey, shoosh, don't or you'll set me off."A sharp laugh splutters past my fingertips and I wipe my eye. "Sorry, I… That's…" I know, right."All the air rushes out of me. "That's wonderful. What's… uhh, do you…?" Yeah." She laughs. That infectious little giggle I've not heard in months..

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