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I was already aroused so had agreed, but that was before I found out she was going to use a straight razor. I closed my eyes as I felt her finger pus... past my ring and further in. Then she was fucking me and I heard myself moaning in response.Linda leaned in and kissed the back of my neck, then worked her way down my back and planted kisses all over my ass. Her finger continued working in and out of my hole until I suddenly climaxed. I was quite surprised as I had really not felt it coming.. So when I did it I had to make it good because it would have to last until my next “weak” moment.But let's go back to my meeting with Brian. He was not religious in any way, a plus because I didn't want judgment. We talked over the phone a few times. And had nearly met a couple of times before. Now finally we were standing outside his house, in a rich suburb outside of Chicago, checking each other out.It was one of those lovely, warm summer nights with the sweet night air blowing, the moon. As he disappeared turning to the left at the end of the street, we took a cab back to my home. In the cab I was looking at Sneha she was dressed in our school dress, a white shirt and red tie, platted red skirt and white socks and black shoes. Sneha always look so cute in her school dress but she look so hot in the same dress when she took off her tie, unbutton her shirt’s top two buttons and tied the shirt around her stomach revealing her flat belly and pulling down her skirt to expose more of. "That compliment won me a hug and a kiss. "Guess we need to let them know I'm taken", she whispered in my ear. I pulled her in tighter and we kissed again. Hard to believe that this amazing beauty was all mine.When I had to go to Chicago on business, instead of flying as usual, I drove out the day before, taking her with me. I sat her up with the full spa treatment while I was at my meeting and then we spent two days hanging out checking out the museums and restaurants. It was so easy to forget.

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