He has agreed to a $50,000.00 cash or bond and home monitoring. He said that seeing as how you are retired and have Suzy. There is no reason for you n...t to have house arrest.”I was a bit confused. I had heard the term house arrest before. But it was usually in connection with some politician or mobster being confined at home with armed guards. But home monitoring was something new. So, I asked about that.“Well Matt, basically what they do is put an ankle bracelet on you. That bracelet sends a. ."She hesitated for a moment, looking more like a little girl, then the dirty, nasty slut that he was about to bring out in her. "Please fist me," she said in her smallest voice. "Not good enough." He shook his head, and curled his fingers just a bit, knowing how it would massage the inside of her cunt. She closed her eyes and began to tremble. "Please fist me," she found a louder voice. "Please ruin me," he voice grew louder still."Miss Ginny, why are you getting my fist right now, and not my. I was not to move. I could not move. I was in knots! Suddenly, I smelled the faint scent of leather. From the corner of my eye, I saw a nine-tails flogger. I was feeling a rush of endorphines when I felt the tails slither on my back.‘Count each time my flogger caresses your skin, and thank me afterwards. Thank your Daddy, thank him for such attentiveness. His cunning style of flogging you. My Lyric, beautiful music, my baby girl. Daddy loves his Lyric. Daddy loves his song. Thank your Master,. “Take them off,” she whispered. “Take my shorts off, Goyse.”I reached around her and unbuttoned her shorts. She straightened up a little to allow me to slide them off her. I took her panties with them. I then unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them as well. My seven-inch tool rested on the crack of her butt. I took hold of it and rubbed it up along her slit.“No, not yet. Let’s watch first.”By this time, George and Julie had alighted from the pool. Toni was right, those tits were near perfect..

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