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As she came flooding onto the vibrator she couldn't help blurting out, "I love being a dog slut."*****It was a few hours later that Hailey parked the at the kennels, her mouth dry with fear yet still excited by the thought of what was about to happen. Harry half dragged her into the grooming room where a dirty blanket had been thrown down and was surrounded by six empty chairs. "Get ready quick." Harry snarled, "they will be here soon and they don't like to be kept waiting," then ducked out. I have to prove I won’t be mouthy, Ma’am,” Buttercup said.Courtney smiled. “That won’t be easy for you,” she said.“No, it will not. If I fuck up three times, Master Mike says he won’t even consider my application for service. I’ll have to pick only two moments. It would be so worth it to crack a joke, Ma’am,” Buttercup smiled.“Or you could try not being a smart ass at all,” I suggested.“I have two left before it is all over, so I may as well just pick my moments, Sir,” Buttercup said impishly.. One minute cold as ice, and the next hotter than hell." And don't you men just love defrosting us," she retorted, then spun on her heels, and headed straight for their suite. Swishing her ass back and forth in that thong had more than a couple necks bent out of shape as she threw over her shoulder; "Bring him up with you in an hour. I need to get ready if I'm going to be a slut for you two horny bastards."The thing that I like best about DS is that she is unpretentious. I mean I've seen more. I've always felt that I trapped you, even if I didn't do it intentionally.I don't deserve you Kirk. Jamal is crude and even mean at times, but I find myself drawn to him, perhaps it is because we deserve each other -- the powerful and abusive man and the woman who deserves no better than to be his whore.I hope now you can find happiness, real happiness, the kind of happiness you've never had with me and never would.We will have left by the time you read this. Please let me go. I will not.

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