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" Damion listened like a good little slave he was and did as she asked, Red went down and cuffed his feet together and put a black leather collar aro...nd his neck as she smiled grabbing some rope wrapping around his hands keeping them together then up to the loop hole in his collar then down and around the base of his cock wrapping back around his hips as she then pulled the strap on out and squeezed into it as she poured the strawberry scented lube into her hand and began to rub it over the. Reality is cruel and it doesn’t give a shit about you, your dreams, your ideas, or your life. Reality just is and it can’t be escaped or bent.”With that he left for his next class, as cold as ever. By the end of the day, nobody was willing to challenge him intellectually. Of course, the jocks were still just as stupid as always and they took offence to him dating Abby. As Abby and him were walking out of school that afternoon, the jocks attacked. There was ten of them and at first Bryan tried. " Harmony," Miss Krystal chided, "don't tease the poor boy. He's still on HardTime." Next week we'll be twins again," Harmony chirpped. "Johnny gave me permission to wear the cadet uniform when your naked time is finished." Johnny?" I asked."Commandant Johnny Mackie," Miss Krystal clarified. "He's named after his ancestor."I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. My head was spinning, my penis throbbed, I was short of breath..."Breathe, Scott," Miss Krystal grabbed my shoulders and spun me to look. Sorry he feels that way. The stuff we do ... well, it’s not easy to think of the social graces when you’re trying to keep some poor bastard from jumpin’ in the box.”“Dying, you mean?”“Well, there is that,” I gave her as I pulled into the graveled turn-around in front of their rambling, ranch-style home. Some outside lights came on automatically as we’d entered.“Here we are,” I reminded her, just in case she’d forgotten where she lived.She turned toward me and said, “Can I offer you a drink?”“No.

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