Precious watched me intently wondering what I was up to as she moved her jaw around to work out the stiffness from the gag.I leaned over my little who...e slave to undo her legs and release her from the chair she had been bound to. After I untied her, I took her by the arm and pulled her over to my chair, where I sat down and made her kneel in front of me. I pulled out a collar which I fastened around her neck as I explained what the rest of the weekend would be like for her.I told her that she. " Doreen ... relax. It was fun. You had a couple of glasses of champagne and it made you a bit silly. No harm was done. It was fun. I know I enjoyed myself, and if I get the chance, I'd love to go dancing with you again."There was silence at the end of the line until, "Thank you, Val. I did have a good time. Maybe too good."I caught the upbeat tone of her voice, telling me she wasn't worried about how I reacted to her actions."So ... maybe when the opportunity arises, you'd come dancing with me. When I get back on the 7th, I’ll make some real changes in the top executive tier. Best to let them mice play a bit and see how they handle the cat being away, right?”“I like how you think. So that’s practically a week of fucking you, making love to you, cuddling with you. Kissing your ass to make up for how cruelly I treated you before. You’re going to be the happiest man alive, with all of your lovers to service you, but me especially. Yummy. And I’m definitely going to let you have some of. Lee Thompkins, Mr. Turner?" Lee Thompkins? I don't think that name rings a bell, Detective. Should it?" I don't know, Mr. Turner. Would you have any reason to know your wife's lover?" My wife's what?" I screamed, incredulously. I came up out of the seat, ready to take a swing at this man who was besmirching my wife's good name.Getz stood and glared back at me. "Sit down, Mr. Turner!" he commanded. "Are you saying you didn't know your wife had a lover?" I didn't and I still don't, Detective..

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