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Then she looked at me, straight in the eye and as I looked down on her she began to lick like a kitten. At the feeling of her tongue on my dick I let ...ut a gasp and pulled at her hair more tightly. I then felt her sliding her hand up my thigh, and around my cock as she closed her mouth around it. Just at that point, my dressing room door opened.“Hey Jay, great show man that intro was just - ” Zak looked at me, then to the slut that was blowing me and back again to me. He actually looked. With both holed filled I had another orgasm, my pussy juice dripping out and covering my partners cock and balls. He slowly lifted me up till his cock slid out of my dripping hole before positioning it at the entrance to my asshole. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and slowly lowered myself onto his cock, which was all lubed up from my pussy juices. Soon he was fully buried in my tight asshole and began to fuck it hard and fast as I tried not to moan, bearing in mind we were outside at the side of. "Take it you fucking whore! Take my cum you dirty fucking slut!" He yelled in a deep booming voice. He smashed his hips hard into mine one last time; he thrust his head back as his entire body spasmed several times, with each spasm being smaller than the one before it. He shivered as he withdrew. "Aaaaaaah! Damn, you are one great fuck!" He collapsed on the bed next to me. We both lay there, catching our breath. He leaned over and caressed my tummy and fingered my belly button. For quite a. I tried and tried, Ted didn’t want to discuss it, he didn’t want to upset me or my family, he told me. I was thinking it couldn’t have been too bad, Ted didn’t have a mark on him. I was almost in a panic, it took me a week to find Jerry. He was staying with friends when I arrived. I took one look and knew, Jerry’s eyes were still black, a bruise on his cheek. Every motion he made seemed to be filled with pain. He lay there in the bed, I was crying, not knowing what to do. ‘Can’t handle him,.

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