I turned around and wrapped my hand and then my mouth around him. I could taste us both on his skin and moaned in pleasure. I flicked my tongue down h...s shaft as he grabbed my hair forcing me to take him into my mouth again. He thrust his hips, forcing me to take all of him and I gagged slightly. He continued on as if I had no say in what he was doing and I moaned, loving every second of being treated in that manner. I reached down and played with his balls as he continued to fuck my face. It. That is one of my favorite positions and, with the help of her favorite toy that was humming on her clit, she screamed and moaned like a woman possessed. I loved the way she sounded when she came. After breakfast we showered together, something I find very erotic. As I washed her body by hand I finger fucked her to another body-wrenching come. She was all smiles as we walked from the shower. “Hey, would you mind doing me a favor?” I asked. “I’ll do anything for you! I haven’t come that hard. I decide to continue up to my room to freshen up with a quick shower and a splash of Obsession cologne before going back down to the lounge in hopes of finding a bed partner for the night.Upon entering the lounge, I lock eyes with the beautiful lady that caused my cock to wake up and I wink at her as I take a seat about a 1/4 of the way around the bar from her. I greet Jon the bartender and order a Jack n Coke in a pint glass and ask for a bowl of pretzels to munch on. As I'm waiting for my. They now enter a hair saloon and Cosmeticstudio. Being greeted by a young male who tells Angelique tofollow him as he moves toward a chair in the front of thebusiness. Angelique is instructed to remove her turtleneck andskirt leaving her only in her corset panties bra and stockingsand heels. Angelique does as told and is seated in a chair as shenotices she is in full view of all passersby in the hallway. Shehears a voice that of the Mistress. Saying hello Angel we areabout to start your.

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