Wicked black gauntlets covered her arms ending in long clawlike extensions, as she idly tapped them on the sides of the throne. Herbody was encased i... slender black armour, and wicked black boots. Herhair fell in a long braid down her back, a crown of silver and gold uponher perfect brow.Alectra's cruel lips curved into a smile as she stood up to address herminions. "Unfortunately, the rumours you have heard are true. My husbandKing Victor has been taken ill. He is now resting in the. . "Oh Stevie...." is all she could murmur.I wink and lick along under each lip than gives them a light kiss. I wrap my arms around her legs and pulls her lower back into the air, legs dangling over my shoulders. "I love you.." I murmur before my tongue flicks between them.. than I start tracing with my dexterous, long tongue.She moans, and sharply pulls my hair as she wraps her legs around my head. "Oh baby......" She purrs, while squeezing me with her legs.My eyes widen at her cute little. I was supposed to meet up with some friends at a local bar on a weekend, and that bar shared a parking lot with a Walmart. I wanted to get something new and cute to wear, and I wanted to cum publicly. Being out late ate night gave me ample opportunity to to do both! So I decided to go out with them and pretended to get pretty drunk. When we all parted ways, this gave me an excuse to walk the parking lot to a Walmart instead of going straight home (we text each other when we get home in case. He slowly brought my wife over to the bed and laid her on her back. He stood off to the side of the bed as he began to undress. Her eyes were glued to him as he removed his shirt and pants. I then got the biggest surprise of the night as he removed his boxer briefs. His cock was way bigger than he had led me to believe. It was a good 3 inches bigger than my 6’5 inch cock as it was in a semi hard state. I was in total shock as I stood their looking at it. I had never mentioned anything about the.

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