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Naked, on her hands and knees, a dog collar around her neck and a tail firmly planted in her anus (don’t want to poke the wrong hole when the time, with dog paw gloves on her hands and dog paw knee pads and her ankles strapped to her thighs, she looked like the dog she was meant to be. Barking, panting, sitting, rolling over, fetching the tennis ball in the backyard. After completing each command successfully, the professor got to kiss and lick Davey’s monster cock as he patted her head. ”“This is getting creepier by the minute. You’ve got four harlots, plus your own mother. You ... are a predator, Matthew!”Walking in the room was Mom, who said, “He is not, Kelly. These ladies have answered an ad, for a service he is providing. They pay a fee, as have I, for a real service. He gives of himself, and they leave very satisfied. I am not mad or ashamed of him, he has become an entrepreneur.”“But he is only 16, mother. Isn’t that wrong to you?”“NO! Not at all. If you don’t want to. She went white as a ghost.One of the boys that were in charge took the money and pushed her toward me saying, “She’s all yours!”Silently Tonya let me take her hand and lead her behind the brush pile to my pickup truck. I got a blanket out of the cab and laid it out on the bed of the truck. Tanya was still speechless. Not knowing exactly what to do I grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it. Tanya lifted her arms so that I could pull it all the way up and off. I tossed it in the tuck on. I pulled up to mail box and took out today's mail, there was the normalstuff but there was a small box buddy who just returned from Iraq. Ithought of Lyle my big buddy. I helped him in English and Math and hemade sure school was a no bullying zone for me. He worked for a privatesecurity firm that contracted to the military and loved it.I pulled up the drive and parked and went in carrying my mail. laying thebills on the counter and shaking the package I opened it giving myself apaper cut "of.

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