I blushed at how Garrett knew right where to put his fingers.As he had his hands on my hips, Garrett said, “Oh, he did. And more. Like how your bra ...howing through your flimsy blue sweater matches this sexy little white thong line showing through this tight skirt. Why do you think the stage lights kept getting brighter?”“You asshole,” I hissed.Garrett let out a laugh without concern for its volume, then he brought it down to a whispered taunt as he said, “I didn’t raise the lights, Princess.. My mother was the most concerned and I got to hear about it a lot when she was over helping me in the morning.One morning mom came over and told me that she couldn’t come over the next day because of some issues at work she had to be present for. She apologized immensely to me but said that she had made arrangements for Stephanie to come over. She lived close by and her mother was taking the baby for the day so Stephanie could get out of the house. Mom had asked her to come over and make me. Jacobs. I knew that my twin sister was coming for a visit, and we thought it might be funny to play a little joke on you! You’re not mad, are you?”“Mad?! Why would I be mad? I’m 50 years old, and I just fucked a sexy 22-year-old with an amazingly tight pussy. What is there to be mad about?” I looked at Ivy, still lying beside me in the bed. “By the way, I’m the principal at your sister’s school. My name is Mr. Jacobs.” It was beyond absurd that I was introducing myself to a person next to whom. ’ ‘Timmy Meadows’, I said, shaking his hand. ‘That’s Timothy.’ ‘And that’s Aguilera to you. First name Robert.’ ‘Excuse me. Anyway how you doing?’ ‘Great. And you? Did you make the pros yet?’ Timmy played in our highschool basketball team leading the team to its first and only championship. ‘Nah’, he said, ‘I played two games of college ball and I tore my knee in the second one after halftime.’ ‘Sorry to hear that.’ More people started coming my way with a few I was able to recognize, including.

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