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They stay there at the bar talking for a while. Then the guy grabs her hand and disappears to the dance floor. He watches as she gives him a naughty s...ile, licking her lips with her index finger, then blows him a kiss. He stares at her, giving back that naughty smile, thinking, “I’m going to strip you naked later tonight.” He isn’t worried if the guy ever gets to take her home. At best he would get a feel, tongue gymnastics, maybe, just maybe she grabs his bulge in his pants, eagerly wanting. To put this the short way, I actually did enjoy sparring somewhat, even though all of us were a little squeamish about hitting each other. So, that first night nothing really hurt much, but the last round I went up against Carla. Now lemme tell you, she was fast, but somehow I had no trouble anticipating what she would do. She always got the upper hand with the other students, but somehow I was able to anticipate her moves, and block or dodge with relative ease. Finally, I let my guard down. Then he said his hand was starting to hurt and ordered her to go to the kitchen and find something nice and hard to use as a paddle. April returned with a metal spatula. JB whipped her asscheeks furiously. When she finally began crying, he began laughing. She’d been a good girl, so what was she doing? Next, he dragged her by the hair to the bedroom and threw her on it, her mascara-smeared eyes looked back at him pleading, pleading to please him even more. His bulky rotund weight eclipsed her. Babs whispered to me that she didn't want to have too many others than me this weekend. I told her that we could watch a lot. She told me that there were two friends of hers who wanted my cock in them. She said that we might take one of them into our bedroom tonight.We went inside the kitchen and grabbed a quick snack. We went into the living room to watch. Hannah was in the living room riding my brother with his cock in her cunt. She leaned forward but, before a guy could get into place, Fritz.

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