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She was limp, but still grunting. Then her grunts turned into crying.“I can't, I can't stop cumming!” She cried, I could feel her squirt every tim... I thrust into her, on my legs and feet. “Please cum? Please? I, I can't take it anymore!”She was full on sobbing as I continued to fuck her. With a final stab, I came deep up in her ass. I held her up against me, as my hips twitched, feeding her bowels my nut. She was limp, but her whole body was shivering, and she was letting out sporadic moans. He came in with an 18 pack of beer, shook my hand, I thought he was going to break it. As the beer disappeared Roger began to flirt with Angela and it was obvious that he wanted her and she him. As the evening went on his dominant side began to show. He asked me if I had ever watched her get fucked by another man, I told him about our adventures and how much I liked watching her with other men. I told him about sitting on the floor watching and eating her after she had cleaned up and the man. His hair was still mostly dark, only a little salt and pepper creeping in at the edges, and his blue eyes were still as stern when he was angry as they had been when she was five."There's nobody out here in the middle of the day!" She was turning bright red, and she really just wanted to run past him to her room, but his broad frame took up almost the entire doorway and it was obvious that he wasn't in any mood to move just yet."I'm here, aren't I?" You weren't supposed to be!" She shifted. "Sounds good to me." Sometime during the kiss Chad had gained a lap ornament of his own, and his hand roamed DJ's ass as she planted kisses around his face.I glanced at the door. Timmy had closed it when he came in. I figured we'd hear the knob and Kimmy could jump up in time. I kissed her, my hand going to the soft but firm mound over her heart."Get a room," Janice complained a minute later."Better yet, move to the front. I'm getting a crick in my neck," Mark Lester added.I started to make a.

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