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Thompson," he says, "Emily is taking her nap." Thanks, Jake," I say, "This is my ex, Mike, by the way. Emily's dad." Sup, bro," Mike says giving Jake...a fist bump."Yeah, nice to meet you," Jake replies noticing the awkwardness of thesituation, "Well, I'm taking Kendra out tonight, so I better go." OK, see you next week," I say.I watch as Mike flops down on the couch while Jake gathers his thingsand leaves. Once Jake is gone, I lock the door behind him and that iswhen Mike changes."Oh my god,". She pushed her butt against my cock a little bit and turned her head and looked at me.Smiling she asked coyly “is laying next to me making you hard or something” I said “no, what would make you think that” she pushed her ass into me and said “I can feel your cock, and from what I feel I kind of like it” She took my hand and put it against her tight tummy. I made the first move and slowly raised my hand to her firm tit. She turned into me letting her hand brush against my cock. She lightly. Molly reluctantly moved aside and Baltoh crouched over her, giving her a long and passionate kiss to show that his feelings for her were in no way affected by Molly’s presence, and Selene returned the kiss to answer the message. With a smile, he sat on his heels and put it cock right where it belonged. Selene cried out in a mix of euphoric pleasure and pain as the muscular phallus penetrated her like a fist, making her arch her back and grip the side of the bed to keep from being forced against. The angle was justnot working. So I put a pillow underneath my pelvis and laidflat down on the bed. He tried to enter me again. I used myright hand to guide him to my rosebud. This time, he wassuccessful. I could feel the pressure of his hard head entering mybackdoor pussy. I didn't wince or back away like I feared thatI would. Instead, the sensation of his hot cock in me wasthrilling. He was soon deep inside of me, exciting me in ways Ididn't know were possible. "Wait just a minute Hon,".

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