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There are clutching branches, a spray of water, a warm wind ...And I have hold of her. Her hands are tangled in my hair, pulling me close. Her mouth e...ger. Her tongue shy and darting. Her breath in my mouth, filling my head. The hot tips of her breasts brush my chest. The smell of her like clover, like musk, like ripe apples fallen to the ground ...And there is no hesitation. No doubt. I know exactly what to do. My hands are on the back of her neck. Brushing her face. Tangled in her hair.. Uhm…. I need to use the bath room?” I looked away and blushed. I was scared to ask who was still a complete stranger to me. He laughed a little and put his hand on my shoulder. “ This way. Here you go.” He lead me to the door that was open. I walked in and closed the door. “ When youre done the boys wanna meet you.” I herd him say through the door. I just stayed quit. I used the bathroom,washed my hands and opened the door. Lincon was waiting for me. He put his hand out, I hesitated.” Its okay. Sex was very good but I noticed that she never said no when I wanted to fuck, unlike other girls I've dated did from time to time. If I needed to fuck after a long day at work I just told her to get naked and she always did. Sometimes I would just pull out my dick and she would suck it until I came. Not a bad gig but it stll bugged me a little that she always accomidated me, which I know is crazy, right. Well one time when we were a little drunk and I was fucking her I whipered in her ear. Furthermore, her upper body that the the shawl had been concealing is revealed to him, almost immodestly had she not behaved of such sophistication all morning. For someone with such bony build, she had quite a full chest. He did not catch himself staring as he gazed upon the skin that seemed to be begging to be let out of the tightened dress, creamy, smooth, delectable to the vision, he could not help but wonder how they would feel in his hands and taste in his mouth. Finally catching.

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