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Suddenly, he got up and said that he had to go to the restroom, he winked at me and I understood that he wanted me to come after him. After about 2-3 ...inutes, I got up too and said that I had to go too the restroom too. I went outside the theater and my uncle was waiting for me there. He asked me to come to the car with me so we could have a quickie there and get back to the movie soon. I said that it would take too long and aunt might get suspicious something’s going on. Uncle agreed and so we. ‘Who cares, I had fun.’Nathan learns that Jodie Adams plays by her own rules, uses her beauty, sexuality as a weapon to get what she wants. He likes her and he has never had such a hot boss before.He looks along Jodie’s sexy legs then glances at her underwear sitting on the coffee table in front of them.‘Do you think I should put my knickers back on?’‘Erm, I am not sure. No, I guess, Miss Adams.’ Nathan stubbles over his words.Jodie opens her legs and starts stroking her pussy. She then runs. I am in a small cafe with plastic chairs beneath laminated tables and walls which are stained yellow with smoke. There are no other customers but an old man sits behind a counter, smoking and looking up at a small television mounted high up in a corner of the room. He is watching football, his lips moving silently in encouragement or dismay; I cannot tell which. I look down again at the coffee, then pick it up and try a sip. It is cold. I leave the acrid cigarette in the ashtray and the cold. When I started to feel his lips on my boob, the reaction went straight to my pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He kissed all around my nipple, avoiding it. I wanted it in his mouth so bad and he was depriving me. He crossed to my other boob, torturing it the same way before he finally succumbed to his own need and my nipple was in his mouth. I felt his sucking and his lips gently massaging my aerola as my hands grabbed his hair and pulled him tighter to me. I started to moan..

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