Now I inserted my erected dick into her pussy. She went mad on her moaning as my stroke went deeper. I started hitting her harder and harder. Then I her lie on the couch and started hitting her in doggy style. The room was filled with our moans and words such as aha ha ha ah aha ah aha ah and fuck me harder fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Then she again made me lie down and ride me. She was jumping in front of me. My lust made to catch her jumping boobs and press it hard and twist it. She was in. "Ladies, in future these punishment sessions will be held in front of guests who will pay to watch and if they so wish, you will be rogered by them afterwards. Those of you not undergoing punishments will be expected to allow the gentlemen full access to your bodies and you will accommodate any requests they make. It is essential that you provide a good service to them. Any complaints will either be dealt with immediately or at the following week’s punishment session. I must emphasise that to. Charlotte worked for the Civil Service, but envied the glamour of Emma’s job. She would put her head on Emma’s lap to have her hair stroked and entice Emma to tell her once again about the famous guests on her programs and the more sexy television encounters. Emma had a mostly professional pride in this as in almost all cases the most successful interviews were those she had most meticulously planned. The other flat-mate was Harriett who was a presenter on a rival station to Harlot TV, called. She grabbed my soft cock in her right hand and held what I now knew must be a plastic cup from the bathroom in her left just below the head. ?I'll aim, you pee, I'll watch...and so will anyone else who may be looking up here right now.? I had to swallow hard at those words. ?You may fill the cup and that's all; and if you spill a single drop over or spray my hands, your punishments will never end this weekend!? I was shy at first and couldn't get my body to start the first stream. Mistress.

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