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. house the malcontents. In rural areas, the consolidated schools were built on the edge of town ... out where the elimination of those who knew freed...m could take place.This was no new idea ... this was set in place in the 1920's with the young men and women driven to succeed in education and become professors and administrators. Through the years, classes with socialist bents were implemented and placed in the position of 'required for graduation' credits. The interviewing of new teachers. I demand that his soft body is shaved. I am demanding and he loves me for taking charge. The only thing needed to complete our family was a son. A son who needed a strict father and a mother to hold and suck him off when he needed comforting. We found the perfect son, Jeffery. He is so special and misunderstood by most. We adopted him because he was so young and had been beaten by the other boys when they found out he was a fucking fairy faggot. Slender, blond crew cut, big blue eyes, smooth. Now I’m regular as clockwork.”“Menarche?”“Sorry. That’s a girl’s first period. I’m not surprised that you didn’t know that term; I only know it because my gynecologist used it.”“I’m glad to hear that, actually. It would be horrible to not be able to have children.”“I know. I was worried, but things are cool now, I guess. I won’t know for sure until it’s time to try, but not any time soon.”“On that, we are in total agreement!”Our food arrived, and we ate and talked about the previous year. I. She sat down on the edge beside him. “I would love to,” she told him, “but I have to leave early. Besides, I would just end up wet and sticky all day long.” She could see the disappointment on his face. Claire pulled back the duvet and took hold of his erection. “I feel horny too,” she told him. “How come?” “I woke up in the night thinking about what you said last night,” she told him. “I... I thought about that woman being taken to another man’s room by her husband and being left there for.

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