There was something to them, she thought. They weren’t bad reading, but the subject matter was clearly disturbed, nothing a good girl like her would...ever be into. But damn, she thought, if it didn’t give her a pleasant tingly feeling all over. Maybe simply reading wasn’t so bad. But if Jack ever expected her to bend over and let him sample her that way, he had another thing coming.That night, Mary tossed and turned a little. She was convinced it was nothing but insomnia, but her mind kept going. She stood up and took off her blouse, she bent down to kiss me as her magnificent tits swung down in front of my face, she certainly was well endowed and she knew it, she put her tongue into my mouth and squirmed it around “ eat me” she whispered “eat my cunt, let me feel your tongue snaking into my cunt, I will give you my arse to fuck, you can have it all, let me feel your tongue and your cock inside m” she didn’t finish, “Oh!!fuck!” she exclaimed she had talked herself out of it again as she. “Come on don’t make fun of me,” Nawaz said.“But you have to thank your mother first.”“Surely that I will do.”“How?”“By saying thank you to her,” he said.“You fool! Go and show her your skills. The poor woman had been listening to our moans and groans for the last 10 days. Show her what you have learnt. Let her enjoy your new found skills.”Nawaz was silent. “What are you thinking? Don’t you find her attractive?”“Oh she is a beauty. But what you are suggesting is terribly wrong – a sin. She will. “This is ridiculous,” she panted as he restrained her attempts to move. Her mind was fighting to be rational but her body refused to obey. All she could see stamped on the back of her eyelids was a vision of herself, pinned against the wall, disintegrating around him violently as he lunged into her. Again and again and again. She stilled as his arm tightened. “I don’t even know your name.” “And you won’t either until I’m sure that the only reason you need to know it is because you can’t.

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