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‘Do you now!’ I exclaim, entering you swiftly as I thrust my hips downward. ‘Yesssssss,’ you moan, as my cock slides fully into you. ‘Take m... Shawn. Make me yours,’ you beg shamelessly. Driven by lust, I thrust into you hard and fast. I growl as I feel you respond to my burning desire. The sporadic clenching and unclenching of your vagina muscles sends waves of excitement through my body. Primal utterances escape my lips as you tightly squeeze my hardened member. In order to heighten the. When she returned, she embraced me a little awkwardly. “Hex, darling, I’m sorry.”“Why, love?”“I can’t keep up with you. I get so tired, and have to keep going to the toilet. Little Ivan is giving me more trouble than any of his older siblings.”“Beloved, you don’t have to apologise. You’re giving me a priceless gift. I should say, gifts. You need to take it easy; I know the doctor told you to slow down. You need to trust Romy and my security team to look after me.”“I do, really. I just hate that. Ye bat tab ki hai jab mere chote mama ki shadi thi laghbhag aaj se 3 mahine pehle to mai 1 week pehle hi unke ghar rehne chala gaya sab se milne k bat mai apna saman rakhne mere cousin bhai k room me gaya to neha waha so rahi thi kya maal lag rahi thi wo dil to krta tha abhi hi usse chod do phir maine khud p control kr k waha se baher aagaya wo mere se bohat zyada frank thi jab wo sham ne nind se uth kar ayi to mujhe dekh kr bohat khush hui aur hum sab apne kamo me busy hogaye raat ko mai jab. ”I granted her wish and began to pound her pussy like it was the last one on Earth. Suddenly she wrapped her legs tight around my waist and covering her face and mouth began to scream out as she once again had a violent orgasm. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet so I pulled my still hard cock out of her dripping pussy and I told her it was “her turn to flip over”. Still not recovered from the last orgasm I straddled her hips and placed my cock along the slit of her ass. Massaging her back I told.

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