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She would never be a soldier again.She watched as the groups separated quickly and the Az men formed straight ranks and headed out of the castle a trot. In short order, she watched as Lady Elena and her two constant companions – Liala’s mother and the big-busted pale girl – went out of the castle surrounded by guards.If her troops hadn’t been standing to the side, Liala would have thought the city was under attack. If an attack were under way, her troops would be right in the thick of. . sometimes we don't do just exactly what's logical."I shook my head and hung it in shame. "No, Mom, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry!" Still a little angry?" A little, I guess. But I feel better now." Still a little tinge of anger?"I nodded.We were silent, just holding hands. She leaned close and kissed my cheek and I turned to take her lips."Then, why don't you punish me, now... ? Maybe you'll feel better and we can get it behind us. I know that you couldn't hurt me if you wanted to,. Nguyet agreed with Marilyn but said that hurting balls was best. I finished my beer and went to use the toilet. I did not see the picture on the door facing the toilet because I pissed facing the john and left quickly because the Nguyet was in a hurry to get in there. When I got back in the living room, there has been some talk about something and Sheila is playing with a pack of cards on the trunk. I suggested maybe I should go but Nguyet had gotten back and lighted another joint. Sheila said. But…..” Michele cut Keith off. “Honey I got to get going before I’m late.” Michelle returned home early that afternoon. Keith had gone out shopping and picked up everything Michelle had down on her list. She quickly changed her clothes and began preparing dinner for tonight. Michelle cooked like a chief and everything had to be perfect for her. Luckily Keith knew the brands she always bought at the store. She was busy putting the last finishing touches on the meal and getting ready to place it.

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