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Trying to get his attention, I started to move my head from side to side. He pulled back for a brief moment. Just as I caught my breath, he shoved his...cock back in my mouth. “You love it, don’t you bitch?” I replied by sucking him harder and rubbing his balls. I could have done it forever. He grabbed me from the couch and slammed my back against the wall. As he kissed me hard and groped me even harder, I felt my pussy tingle with arousal. He put his hands between my legs and shoved his fingers. “Cute Clit, or Tiny Tits?”“If you like, anything that will make you think about my nice bits.”“You’re made up of all nice bits, both of you.”“Hey, stop it girl, or we’ll be in a 69 triangle when the people start arriving.”“That would be a great start to a party.” Beaver said.“So we’re going to play some silly party games are we?” Beaver asked.“Sure, I thought that it would get people mingling and get over any shyness.”“Probably a good idea Jade, there’s bound to be a few who will need to loosen. "What will you take besides Magic?" Dad asked."I have always been interested in history, especially the period from just before the French and Indian War up to the end of Jefferson's Presidency," Leila told him."Great Great Grandfather Mark Kent O'Connell is an historian and wrote a number of novels about that time period," Dad told her."Mark Kent, the historical novel author," Leila asked in shock, "he was part of your clan?" He still IS a part of our clan," Mom told her."Yes, he was one of. He hesitated for a second before continuing towards the changing room. Even the thought of watching her tits bobbing up and down as she ran wasn't enough to persuade him to spend time on the cardio machines and standing there ogling her would only get him a slap if he was caught. Especially with the growing bulge in his shorts.The door to the changing room stood open and he hurried through before she could see him, dragging off his sweaty clothes and throwing them on the bench in disgust. He.

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