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It was coal black and it had the dark pink head as he had been circumcised. I love the way girls look at a black cock for the first time he chuckled. ...ell,he was a bit arrogant but it was really big.Maybe had I seen his cock before,I might have told him not to insert inside me fearing it might tear my muscles. I took the flaccid cock in my mouth and started sucking it.It didnt take much time for him to get erect again. Thats when I could feel the full size of it. My mouth was fully stretched. His name is Emanuel and he and his friends want to go to the conventions with us. Last weekend I changed Giggles into Sarah. Until I changed Sarah, I didn't know that I had these abilities. When I changed Sarah, I gave her those powers also. That night she changed me from her dad to her mom. I had Sarah change Cleo Kraft to Rocky as we raced to pick you up." Are you going to change me?" he asked.Again, I stopped and looked at him."Do you want to?" I asked."No, I'm content living as a woman. Wo uthi or unhone bhi apne saree or blouse utar dia. Ab wo bra or peticot me thi.Uncle ne mummy ke bhi saree utar de. Ab dono peticot or bra me thi. Mummy uncle ke goad me hi thi or aunty mummy ke peticot ke andar chale gaye.Phir mummy uchalne lage. Unke doodh bhut hil rahe the. Mummy ka ek haath apne peticot me tha or dusra haath uncle ke boxer ke andar. Uncle ka susu mota ho gaya tha. Ek sab dekh ke mujhe bhi kuch kuch hone laga. Ajeeb sa feel hone laga. Mere susu khade ho gaye.Kuch der baad. Mom, Dad, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to describe what happened next. Everything around me turned gray, but there was this very clear circle with Bobby’s eyes in the center. The love displayed in them was instant and truer than anything I have ever seen. It seemed like an eternity, but it must have been only a second or two before he smiled at me and said ‘Hello PattyKat’.”Mrs. Freeman was openly and freely crying, and Mr. Freeman had tears running down his own cheeks.“What do you need.

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