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I picked out a young woman who had been badly beaten and gave her a road flare after striking it alight. Pointing her toward the church I told her to ...urn it. She walked up to the door and with a scream of rage she threw the flare onto one of the bodies. John walked up to her and held her in his arms while we watched the fire start to burn the clothing on the bodies. They stepped back only when the flames grew too hot to stand any more. Rita searched through the people we had rescued looking. One fine day my parents along with my grand parents went to Punjab on some work for three days leaving my two aunties to look after me my elder aunty would look after her house while my Sheha dear would come to my house in the day time and in the night all three of us would stay in our house so I made a plan to seduce my Sneha I went to my friends house and brought a sex book and hide it with other books and went out to play. When I came back after one hour and saw that the book was shifted. “I’m cumming,” I screamed out as Carrie continued tongue fucking my pussy. My nectar flooded my cunt and Carrie was trying her hardest to lap all of the sweet juices up. I felt her tongue scurry to each side of my hole, gathering her meal neatly as she pushed my knees up higher with her shoulders. My orgasm ripped through my body and left me panting for more as she cleaned the last few drops of my cum. With one last swirl of her tongue, she moved her head away from my pussy, my cum trailing. As you move behind me, you talk softly to me and take out a piece of cloth to blindfold me. I know you a little by now and have come to trust you. It’s not a complete trust, we are still learning about each other. But enough trust to allow this scene to happen.With me blindfolded, you move in front of me, kissing me and slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse. You move behind me again to undo my bra. You slip it off my shoulders and slide your hands forward, pushing the bra away from my breasts.

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