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My mother lay back on the bed and opened her red fishnet covered legs wide. Kevin slotted between them and slid his dick, wet with my and my mother's ...aliva, deep into her pussy. She began to gasp and moan as he slid his cock in and out, fucking her with eager abandon. "Come on over, honey," my mum sighed as he shafted her, "Come and lick mummy's pussy as Kevin fucks me." I did as she asked, kneeling and leaning over my mother's glorious body. As Kevin pushed into her pussy, I licked around her. "I'm sorry, but for now I'm still somewhere between high school dropout and McKesson success story," I explained. "I can be a bit of an irresistible force when given enough room to get going, and you don't want that Skye McKesson yet. You've got to have a chance to get used to the well behaved one first."Mr. Kimble laughed, hard. "Sorry Skye, but your description matches what I thought when I first met Chris' mom. She too was an irresistible force, and I knew I'd be in trouble if I gave her. She slowly steps her feet into the new dress. I can't resist. I was never going to, was I? Last time I gave her a spank, but today my finger reaches into the cubicle and strokes gently through the crease of her soft pussy. I chose well. Hazel coos. She doesn't even flinch, as though she was expecting it. She knew what she was doing to me all along. She simply hums happily and continues to ease the dress up, hiding away her perfect figure once more. “What do you think?” she asks me, turning on. Susan began to feel she was missing having her wider family nearby, and wondered if she could find a job there. However she rapidly put that thought aside, she was being too successful where she was, and was making some friends at Carl’s nursery. However, she felt uncomfortable that Victor would once again be nearby after their fractured relationship. Boxing day found her in a quiet pub with Ian. They talked easily with each other as if they had never been apart, and Susan felt very close to.

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