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"Nicely said. But can you honestly tell me you didn't relish the opportunity to prove your mettle in combat?" Not at all," Igwanda answered. "It gave ...e great pleasure to outwit and outmaneuver enemies. But I did not necessarily wish death on those enemies, I sought only to emerge victorious and thereby protect those in my charge. I have in my career caused many deaths, and I deep­ly regret every one, but in the nature of the combat in which I was engaged there was no other route to my. But soon the k** got up and turned off the TV, then returned to the bed, getting between us, and wrapping his hands around our dicks."Ready for the next round? Tom asked seductively."Ready whenever you are," Hanks answered, looking over at me with a hot, wicked smile."Say, maybe one of you studs would like to give me some head now?" Tom asked coyly.Hank responded by leaning over and taking the k**'s smooth, hard dick in his mouth. Tom, meanwhile, bent over and again eagerly wrapped his lips. We each had our own places and goals, to each their own.The next morning I woke with my girls Janis and Clair as most days, but I still couldn't shake the impending feeling of doom. As we got moving and started our day, I got a call from Willy. I thought he would be wanting to set up another date, but he was half yelling half crying, about the attack. This morning I had opted not turn the TV on but as it turns out I should have. I saw the same video from channel to channel as I got to BBC, but. Remember? Open your eyes and look at me.’ He did not. After a moment, O’Bannen felt her soft hands stroking his face, her long fingernails gently scratching along his neck, her warm breath in his ear. ‘Felix? Open your eyes. Look at me. I know you want to.’ ‘No.’ She hugged his from behind. ‘Really? Your religion frowns upon lying as well as sex, doesn’t it?’ ‘Yes,’ he admitted. ‘So if you lie to me, you’re sinning.’ He swallowed hard. ‘Yes.’ ‘So tell me the honest truth, Felix. Do you want to.

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