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Farris took a break from their conversation to talk to the leader of thesearch team. Barbra watched as the man named Gibson talked to Farris inhushed...tones while sneaking peaks at Theo when he could. 'This isn'tgoing to be good.' Barbra thought gravely. Farris slapped Gibson on theshoulder and shook his hand then made his way over to Barbra."Mr. Gibson there told me something about 'Theo'," Farris told her."What?" Barbra sighed."The Monolith followed her." What!?" she hissed."It followed her. She was really engrossed in watching a Domme with her female slaves when Michael called her name.“Yes, Master?” She asked as she looked up and saw Starla.“Hello there,” Starla said when Silk looked up at her.Silk smiled at her and greeted in return, “Hello Ma’am.”Michael placed his hand on her shoulder so she turned and looked up at him. He smiled so she smiled in return. She listened to him chat with Starla and answered questions when asked but she was still engrossed in watching. Soon it was. I then pushed him off me, doing a backwards roll and land on my feet. He landed on his, and we began again. We locked in a Judo clinch.He thought he had the advantage. He gripped my right hand which was gripping the collar of his gi. He then twisted and brought his other hand to my right elbow. I was now in a type of standing armbar. Almost every martial arts that teaches a defence to this teaches that you should do a forward roll, so that is what he expected me to do.I don’t remember if I told. I went through every moment in my head, trying to figure out what your decision would be. I knew what I wanted. It was the same thing that I had always wanted, for us to be together. I knew it would be difficult, because of the distance between us, but I think that our love could be worth the hour drive I would have to make to see you. Finally, I began to doze off. I woke up the next morning. I popped up out of bed, so ready to get to breakfast and find out the state of our relationship. I was.

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